Forbidden Worlds #1 CGC NM+ 9.6 Off-White to White

NM+ 9.6
Page Quality
Off-White to White
River City
CGC Serial Number
Census Rank
Single Highest Certified Copy!!!
Publish Date


SINGLE HIGHEST GRADED COPY!! Incredible issue with one of the very best sci-fi covers you will ever see (courtesy of Ken Bald). This is the River City copy of this great issue, a near-perfect 9.6 with outstanding page quality and cover gloss. No other 9.6's exist and no copies exist in 9.4 with only 2 in 9.2 and 3 in 9.0 (and 3 in 8.5) out of over 65 copies certified thus far. The Aurora copy (in 8.5) sold for $1,225 in December, 2013 while the Edgar Church (Mile High) 8.5 example fetched $1,438 in December, 2012. How much is this truly epic NM+ worth?

Forbidden Worlds #1 CGC 9.6 ow/w River City

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