Brand New Deep Runs of Silver Age DC War Titles in Pedigree Comics' April DC Big 5 War Auction!

MAJOR DC WAR NEWS! Pedigree Comics' CEO and President, Doug Schmell, recently purchased a collection of all DC war titles and the entire collection will debut in his company's upcoming April DC Big 5 War Auction. The auction is scheduled to begin in less than two (2) weeks, on the night of Wednesday, March 29th and last for two weeks (14 days) until the night of Wednesday, April 12th as a separate event on the Pedigree Comics website ( The first half of lots will end on Tuesday night, April 11th and the second half of lots will end on Wednesday night, April 12th. There is no Buyers Premium on any of the lots in the auction and EVERY book from the collection will be listed with no reserve. Every book is CGC graded and the minimum bid is only $30 for this exclusive DC war auction. You can view the war comics in the Auction Preview right now. Just go to the Pedigree Comics website and click on the Auction banner.

The collection comes out of South Florida and includes nice runs of the 5 major DC war titles. There are over 800 books to choose from the following titles: All-American Men of War, G.I. Combat, Our Army at War, Our Fighting Forces and Star Spangled War Stories plus a nice group of books from Capt. Storm and Unknown Soldier.

Many of the early issues of the titles are in low to mid-grade and then go to mid to high-grade on the higher numbers. The collection starts in 1953 and goes into the mid 1970's. The collector collected multiple copies of some of his favorite covers so there are many doubles included in the runs.

Here is a list of the runs for each title:

All-American Men of War #3-#101 (101 issues)

G.I. Combat #43-#108 (50 issues)

Our Army at War #7-#301 (226 issues)

Our Fighting Forces #11-#180 (199 issues)

Star Spangled War Stories #3-#199 (158 issues)

All 800-plus issues will be featured in the April DC Big 5 War Auction and will be offered with no reserve amount. There are many great issues and iconic covers in the runs to choose from. These books NEVER come up for sale at auction, especially in such deep runs.

If you have high grade CGC or CBCS certified comic books to sell or consign, do yourself a favor and contact Mr. Schmell. Please go to the site ( for all consignment information or contact him directly at (561) 422-1120 or (561) 596-911 or by email at

If you have any questions or comments about the consignment process, any of the auction lots in the April DC Big 5 War Auction or about the auctions in general, please contact Mr. Schmell at (561) 422-1120 (office) or (561) 596-9111 (cell) or at For any financial related and consignment payment questions, please contact our CFO, Lisa Shapiro, at and for any technical related questions or concerns, please contact our Web Master at