High Grade New X-Men Run From Panhandle Collection in Pedigree Comics' Late May Grand Auction!

In June, 2021, Pedigree Comics' CEO and President, Doug Schmell, purchased a fabulous collection (called the Panhandle Collection) of almost 2,000 ultra high grade CGC certified Bronze Age Marvels and the fifth part of the collection (approximately 250 books) will be featured in his company's upcoming Late May Grand Auction. The auction is scheduled to begin in just a few days, on the night of Monday, May 16th and last for nine (9) days until the night of Wednesday, May 25th as a separate event on the Pedigree Comics website (www.PedigreeComics.com). There is no Buyers Premium on any of the lots in the auction and EVERY book will be listed with no reserve. Every book is CGC graded and the minimum bid is only $20 for this auction. You can view the high grade comics in the Auction Preview right now (over 200 lots). Just go to the Pedigree Comics website and click on the Auction banner.

The focus of this article is the best and deepest run of the auction, the 1970's Bronze Age "New" X-Men run. The run is also one of the better ones from the entire 2,000 book collection and contains almost all issues in CGC 9.4 to 9.8 grade. There are over 30 issues to choose from between X-Men #97 and X-Men #141, plus a gorgeous copy of Giant-Size x-Men, featuring the first appearance of the new X-Men, in 9.6. Almost every book is at minimum a CGC certified 9.4 and most have white or off-white to white pages. Here are the highlights of the new X-Men run from the Panhandle Collection:

Giant-Size X-Men 1 9.6
X-Men 97 9.4
X-Men 100 9.4
X-Men 103 9.4
X-Men 105 9.4
X-Men 116 9.4
X-Men 118 9.8
X-Men 119 9.6
X-Men 122 9.6
X-Men 123 9.8
X-Men 124 9.6
X-Men 125 9.4
X-Men 127 9.6
X-Men 128 9.6
X-Men 129 9.6
X-Men 133 9.6
X-Men 135 9.6
X-Men 136 9.4
X-Men 137 9.6
X-Men 138 9.6
X-Men 139 9.6
X-Men 140 9.8
X-Men 141 9.6

If you have any questions or comments about the consignment process, any of the auction lots or about the May Grand Auction in general, please contact Mr. Schmell at (561) 422-1120 (office) or (561) 596-9111 (cell) or at DougSchmell@pedigreecomics.com. For any financial related and consignment payment questions, please contact our CFO, Lisa Shapiro, at LisaJoy@pedigreecomics.com and for any technical related questions or concerns, please contact our Web Master at WebDesigner@pedigreecomics.com.