Fantastic Four #1 CGC VF/NM 9.0 Off-White to White

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VF/NM 9.0
Page Quality
Off-White to White
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Silver Age Marvels


Holy Moly!! Look at this incredible comic book. It's an absolutely GORGEOUS VF/NM copy of Fantastic Four #1 that looks more like a 9.2!! Incredibly bright with full cover gloss, amazingly fresh off-white to white pages, razor-sharp corners, smooth edges and a killer spine. The nicest copy we have seen in years of one of the greatest comic books of all time and easily the nicest 9.0 out there (only 6 others exist!!!). In fact, this is the 8th nicest known example (out of over 1,850 submitted for certification to date) behind only 2 in 9.6, 3 in 9.4 and 2 in 9.2. Overall, this is one of the top 5 hardest early Marvel Silver Age keys to find in high grade. Features the origin and introduction of the Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. We sold the last 9.0 in a private transaction was for $165,000 fairly recently (October, 2016). The last 9.0 brought to market sold for $132,000 in August, 2016. Fantastic Four #1's are incredibly hot right now so don't miss this chance to own a beautiful high grade copy that is at the head of it's VF/NM class. Perhaps the most impressive part of this book, from a strictly historical perspective, is the perfectly placed and non-smudged date stamp on the top right of the back cover evidencing the important date in comic book lore when this initial Marvel Age of Comics issue hit the newsstand, August 8, 1961.

Fantastic Four #1 CGC 9.0 ow/w

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