Amazing Spider-Man #2 CGC NM 9.4 Off-White to White

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NM 9.4
Page Quality
Off-White to White
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Silver Age Marvels


The absolute nicest copy we have ever had on the site! Just a BEAUTIFUL NM example of this incredible issue. Features only the 3rd ever appearance of Spider-Man plus the introduction of the Vulture. With the Vulture set to make his big screen debut in the upcoming 3rd Amazing Spider-Man motion picture, expect copies of this issue (especially ultra high grade copies) to soar (like a vulture) in value! You just don't see this book offered for sale in this high of grade very often. In fact, according to GPA, no 9.4 copies have been sold publicly thus far! And this is no run of the mill 9.4 either! Take a good look at it. Very bright and glossy with straight alignment and EXACT centering, excellent eye appeal, sharp edges and corners, a really sharp spine and NEAR-WHITE PAGES (it's very hard to find off-white to white pages on this issue)! Easily the nicest copy we have ever seen. Trails only 1 in 9.8, 4 in 9.6 and only 6 others exist in 9.4 (out of over 1,575 graded to date!!). The front cover is gorgeous and the back cover is clean, white and Near-Mint+. The last 9.6 fetched $72,895 at auction fairly recently (November, 2015).

Amazing Spider-Man #2 CGC 9.4 ow/w

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