Not Available
Primary Artist
Jim Mooney
Secondary Artist
Ray Burnley
Publish Date
Interior Page


What an amazing page from a great early Batman issue. This is from #56 and a story titled "A Greater Detective Than Batman!" The action page features Batman, Robin, Vicki Vale and Commissioner Gordon too!
When amateur detective Jack Starr starts solving cases faster than the Dynamic Duo, he becomes the number one detective in the Gotham City Police Department. Vicki Vale tries to help Batman and Robin, but instead of helping them, her presence becomes troublesome for the vigilantes. However, when Vicki learns of the location of a fugitive criminal, she informs Batman and they manage to capture the thug, who in turn confesses that he has been providing easy clues for Jack Starr to solve. By the end, Jack admits that Batman is the best detective.

This is a must own! Classic Batman pages like this don't come up often!

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