Fantastic Four #5 CBCS NM+ 9.6 White

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NM+ 9.6
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BEST EXISTING COPY!! One of only 3 in 9.6!! Only 2 CGC NM+ copies exist and both are locked up in private collections. The top census copy of one of the all-time best comic books: Fantastic Four #5. Very popular with the fans (and the ladies), this issue from way back in July, 1962 shocks an unsuspecting populace with the introduction of the greatest villain in comics history, Doctor Doom. Includes his awesome origin as well. This smoker is INCREDIBLE with PERFECT centering, deep color saturation, unreal corners and edges, perfectly placed staples, a clean and glossy cover and WHITE PAGES!! Talk about a tight grade from the CBCS! As close to the almost unheard of 9.8 grade for this issue as possible and a very worthy investment piece. We used to own the 9.6 White Mountain example and this beauty is actually nicer!! A Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Joe Sinnott classic that defies the constraints of time.

Fantastic Four #5 CBCS 9.6 w

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