Journey Into Mystery #95 CBCS NM+ 9.6 Off-White

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NM+ 9.6
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Silver Age Marvels


One of the toughest issues of the run to find in high grade. Ultra popular and in-demand early issue of Thor in Journey into Mystery. Published in August, 1963. You just never see this issue for sale in 9.2 or higher. One of only 3 copies in 9.6 with only 3 in 9.4 plus one lucky 9.8. Amazingly, only 7 exist in 9.2. Perfectly centered with deep color strike, fresh off-white pages and excellent eye appeal. Comes from the magnificent Bethlehem Collection founded in 1991. The high 9.4 sale is for just under $6,000 ($5,989). The high 9.2 sale is for $3,884. This 9.6 copy is the only one that has EVER been offered for sale before and it sold for $14,251 in our October, 2016 Grand Auction. Don't miss this book as an ultra high grade copy won't be available for a long while.

Journey Into Mystery #95 CBCS 9.6 ow Bethlehem

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