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Tally-Ho Comics #1
CGC Grade: NM+ 9.6 Page Quality: Off-White to White
Census Rank: 1 CGC Serial Number: 0933824001
Pedigree: Edgar Church (Mile High)
Date: 12/44 Category: Baily Publication
CGC Signature SERIES. Signed by Frank Frazetta just a few days ago (May 10, 2008). He does not put his name to paper very often and certainly not on such a great book as this. Presented here is a KILLER NM+ copy of Tally-Ho Comics (only issue) from late 1944 and from the ridiculous Edgar Chuch/Mile High Collection. This is by far and away the nicest existing copy with off-white to white pages and incredible cover gloss. You can really own significant pieces of history if you buy this book: a genuine 9.6 Edgar Church comic from over 60 years ago; the very first comic book work by Frank Frazetta (assisting on John Giunta's story art); and signed by Frazetta himself (he has only signed a handful or so comics and this may well be his last certified signature). What more can you possibly crave, young man?
Sold: $7,500.00
Cover Scan:
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