Tales to Astonish #60 CGC NM+ 9.6 Off-White to White

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CGC NM+ 9.6
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Off-White to White
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Silver Age Marvels


While Tales to Astonish as a title was never regarded as one of the top titles back in the day, there is no denying that it certainly packed some serious Marvel punch. And with the Hulk's own short lived title, the powers at Marvel decided that the Hulk had to have a title, after some also very successful appearances in the Amazing Spider-Man and the Avengers. They relaunched him in the time honored double feature format alongside Ant-man, and more significantly as the run progressed, the Sub-Mariner. And here is issue #60, his first official appearance on the title, cementing him to the end of the run, and of course laying claim to it with issue #102. For a very long time this book has been regarded as an extremely difficult book to locate in grade, even so next to #59. The brown cover has always been a bug-bear for spine creases, and nicks, highlighting them will all to ready ease. So when you look at the census for comparable books from around the same publishing period, you will see that #60 doesn't sit in numbers. In fact, it is the HARDEST TTA issue to find in super high grade (no 9.8's and only 7 9.6's, this being one of them!). So for the more knowledgeable collectors out there, you'll know what a rare opportunity this book represents. Incredibly glossy with perfect centering and cover alignment and fresh off-white to white pages. Go find another NM+!

Tales to Astonish #60 CGC 9.6 ow/w

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