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The Pacific Coast Collection

Widely regarded as the pre-eminent Silver Age collection of comic books in the world, the Pacific Coast Collection was founded by Robert Roter of Pacific Comic Exchange Inc. in 1999, thus the pedigreeís name. The original owner began selling some of his Marvels piecemeal on Ebay before Mr. Roter bought his entire holding of more than seven thousand comic books.

The collection contains almost complete and full runs of many titles from marvel DC, Gold Key, ACG (Warren Magazines) and ECís Mad Magazines. The collection spans the years 1962 through and including 1967, and has the highest percentage of ultra high grade issues (9.4 or better) than any other pedigree collection not named Mile High. The original owner carefully bought and then kept his priced treasures in meticulous fashion, piled neatly in six foot stacks, similar to how Edgar Church stored his famous books. The comic books all share that same look of freshness and uniformity, which comes from being picked off the same news stand each month.

Pacific Coast all have that same unread look, as over ninety-eight percent of the collection show no stress lines or any ware on the spine to indicate the books had ever been read, let alone opened. In addition, most Pacific Coast books have that light back cover transfer stain. (More in the form of the back page interior ad showing through the back cover), again a function of the books being pressed together in the stacks.

The average grade of a Pacific Coast comic book, graded by the Comics Guaranty Corporation, is a 9.5 (near mint/ near mint plus). Many of the early Marvel issues are the highest in existence, with many early runs averaging grades of 9.6. The page quality of the Pacific Coast average off white to white, with many of the 1970ís books, being on the top of the stacks, averaging off white.

Overall the Pacific Coast collection is the single greatest Silver Age collection to be uncovered yet. It is highly doubtful, but hopeful, that another comic book collection of this size and magnitude will ever be discovered again.

Examples of the early Marvel CGC grades include the Tales Of Suspense 39 in 9.6 (without a doubt the entire Pacific Coast Tales Of Suspense run is the best in the world); Avengers 1-5, 9.6; 6, 9.8; 7, 9.4; 8 and 9, 9.6; 10 9.8, 11, 9.6; 12, 9.4; Avengers 13-19, 9.6 and 20, 9.8. Most of the issues between 1 and 100 are at least 9.4 or 9.6, with many 9.8ís.

The X-Mens are actually even nicer: No.1, 9.6 (two copies); 2, 9.8; 3, 9.8; 4, 9.4; 5 and 6 are both 9.8; 8, 9.6; 9, 9.8; 10 and 11, 9.6; the X-Men 12 has graded 9.8, as has the 15, 17 and 21!! Most of the higher numbers are 9.6ís and 9.8ís. In fact, the Pacific coast runs of Avengers, Daredevil, X-Men, Strange Tales and Fantastic Four (like the Tales Of suspense run) are the highest graded in the world, while the Amazing Spider-Man issues are second to only those from the Curator collection: the ASM 1 is an 8.5 because of the Marvel Chipping, the 2 is a 9.2 with white pages, 3, 9.4; 4, 9.4; 5, 9.6; while the 6 and 8 are both 9.8s. The 9 and 10 are both 9.4 and 11-14 are each tied with the Curators as best copies in existence at 9.6.

The Fantastic Four grades are as follows: the 8 is a 9.0; 9, 9.4; 10, 9.6; 14 and 15, 9.6; 16, 9.4; 18, 9.6 (only copy); 19, 9.6; 21, 9.6; 22 and 23, 9.4; 24-28, 9.6; 30, 32 and 35, 9.8!!. Many of the higher numbers are equally stunning.

There are many high Grade Gold Keys from the collection, highlighted by an unbelievable Star Trek run (No.1, 9.6; 2 and 3, 9.8; 4, 9.4; 5, 9.6; 6, 9.4 and 7, 9.6!!!), a run of Doctor Solars averaging 9.4 (no.1 is a 9.6); a run of Man From UNCLE averaging 9.6 and many other high grade photo covers (Girl From UNCLE, Dark Shadows, I Spy, etc), too many to name herein.

By far and away, this is the nicest collection of Silver Age Marvels (and many other publishers) to be graded by the CGC to date.

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